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You deserve a lawyer who will fight for you.

Let the Law Office of John Reid be your advocate.


  • Family Law

    • Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage

    • Paternity Actions

    • Child Support Enforcement

  • Administrative Law

    • Stop-Work Orders (workers' comp.)

    • State Licensure Defense

    • Ethics and Election Law Actions

  • Government Law



  • How do I get more parenting time with my children?

  • Will I have to pay child support if the parenting time is equal?

  • Will the Court order me to pay alimony to my former spouse?

  • Can I get my spouse to pay my legal fees and costs?


  • How do I defend against state action toward my professional license?

  • How do I contest a Stop-Work Order and its penalty issued by the Division of Workers Compensation?


Attorney John Reid named to federal Judicial Nominating Commission

"Rick Scott and the MAGA-verse - Rubio taps campaign manager - Confusion surrounds vaccine distribution - Florida Democrats create panels to screen judicial nominees"

Politico (03/04/2021)

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Ethics Board Counsel John Reid overhauls Tallahassee ethics code

"Ethics Board aims to put teeth in code, seeks greater oversight of Tallahassee City Hall"

Tallahassee Democrat (03/23/2019)

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Greenville Town Attorney John Reid addresses Madison County School Board over school closure

"Greenville attorney addresses School Board"

Greene Publishing (02/05/2019)

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John Reid selected as Legal Counsel to Tallahassee Ethics Board

"Tallahassee ethics board chooses

new attorney, delays decision on

new board member"

Tallahassee Democrat (02/11/2019)

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John Laurance Reid is a respected lawyer who has been licensed to practice law in the State of Florida since 2000 and the District of Columbia since 2001. He is admitted to the U.S. District Courts for the Northern, Middle, and Southern Districts of Florida as well as to the United States Supreme Court. John has represented clients across a wide spectrum of practice areas.

In addition to practicing family and administrative law, John is an experienced government lawyer, serving as Board Counsel to the Tallahassee Ethics Board and Town Attorney to the Town of Greenville.

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