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John Laurance Reid is a respected lawyer who has been licensed to practice law in the State of Florida since 2000 and the District of Columbia since 2001. He is admitted to the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Florida, as well as the United States Supreme Court. John has represented clients across a wide spectrum of practice areas.


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  • Family Law

    • Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage

    • Paternity Actions

    • Child Support Enforcement

  • Administrative Law

    • Stop-Work Orders

    • State Licensure Defense

    • Election/Campaign Law

  • Government Law

  • State Appeals



  • Will I have to pay child support if the parenting time is equal?

  • Will the Court order me to pay alimony to my former spouse?

  • Can I get my spouse to pay my legal fees and costs?


  • How much will I pay as a penalty from my Stop-Work Order?

  • How do I contest a Stop-Work Order and its penalty?


City of Tallahassee tweet congratulating Andrew Gillum not violation of city ethics code

Tallahassee Democrat (09/19/2018)

"[John} Reid concluded the facts of the case wouldn't sustain a probable cause finding that Gillum, his city staff or campaign staff violated the ethics code. The investigation found that the mayor, his staff and campaign staff didn't authorize or even know about the tweet and Reid recommended the complaint be dismissed."


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Town of Greenville: Greenville Town Council Seat finally vacated

Greene Publishing (10/19/2017)

"This came after newly hired Town Attorney John Reid informed the Council that after he had consulted many attorneys, judges, etc. the seat formerly occupied by Arnold had been vacated due to excessive absences. This is based on a literal reading of the Greenville Town Charter that states that any Council member who is absent from three regular or special Council meetings within a 12-month period, without having those absences excused, has vacated his/her seat. 'Based on a plain reading of the charter, the [Arnold's] seat is vacant,' said Reid."

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