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Will I have to pay child support if I get joint custody and the parenting time is equal?


Will the Court order me to pay alimony to my former spouse?

Does the Court consider the length of a marriage when deciding alimony?

What factors will the Court consider when establishing a parenting plan?

Will I have to share my retirement account with my spouse after divorce?

Can I get my spouse to pay my legal fees and costs?

Will I be liable for my spouse’s credit card debt and student loans after divorce?

What is mediation, and should I use mediation in my family law case?

How will child care expenses be divided after the divorce?

Can I stop paying child support if my former spouse violates the parenting plan and does not allow me to see my children? 


When will the State issue a Stop-Work Order against my company?


How much will I have to pay as a penalty from my Stop-Work Order?

How do I contest a Stop-Work Order and/or its corresponding penalty?

What time limitations are there for contesting my Stop-Work Order and/or corresponding penalty?

Can I negotiate a different penalty amount with the State?

Can my statements to the State’s investigator later be used against me?

How does the State of Florida calculate the penalty from my Stop-Work Order?

What is the difference between a subcontractor and an independent contractor?

Am I responsible for providing workers’ compensation insurance for my subcontractors in addition to my employees?

Are workers’ compensation insurance compliance laws different for construction and non-construction businesses?

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