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THE LAW OFFICE OF JOHN REID is a multifaceted firm with a concentration in family, administrative and government law as well as governmental affairs.


In the area of family law, THE LAW OFFICE OF JOHN REID can assist you during this incredibly trying time. Whether you face a divorce or paternity action or seek to change a prior court order on parenting or child support, THE LAW OFFICE OF JOHN REID can represent you in court.


THE LAW OFFICE OF JOHN REID assists licensees with issues governed under the Administrative Procedure Act (Chapter 120, Florida Statutes) to include multiple areas of licensure defense. We also aid prospective licensees in gaining certification to practice their trade. We are also focused on all of your governmental and regulatory needs. With years of experience in dealing with local, state and federal government agencies, we are poised to handle any task.


The hiring of a lawyer is a very important decision for anyone to make. The decision should not be made lightly or based on advertising or publicity. The selection of a lawyer to handle your most personal of affairs should instead be based on experience, education, skill and community awareness.

We understand that legal challenges are very stressful for most people. THE LAW OFFICE OF JOHN REID is dedicated to building a relationship of trust to successfully resolve your court case. Whether you are an individual, partnership or corporation, THE LAW OFFICE OF JOHN REID will do everything legally possible to bring you positive results.


THE LAW OFFICE OF JOHN REID looks forward to working hard to ensure all of your legal issues are dealt with promptly and professionally.

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